Jim Hague and his code for the IOCCC

What is this contest based on?

  • Obfuscate: tr.v. -cated, -cating, -cates.
  1. 2. To confuse: his emotions obfuscated his judgement.
    [LLat. obfuscare, to darken : ob(intensive) + Lat. fuscare,
    to darken < fuscus, dark.] -obfuscation n. obfuscatory adj
  • show the importance of programming style, in an ironic way.
  • stress C compilers with unusual code.
  • illustrate some of the subtleties of the C language.
  • provide a safe forum for poor C code.

In the 1986 contest Jim Hague won thanks to this code:

But, when we are going to run the program …

What are macros?

In short a macro is a piece of code that is translated into preprocess time

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